Our sector practice specialized in fast moving consumer goods may fairly be considered as part of the regulatory practice, as the most common problems relate to the consumer protection regulation. Outside this specific legal aspect, however, the resolving of the legal problems of our clients from this business sector requires the employment of our knowledge in the full range of legal disciplines.

We have a long tradition of advising leading multinational consumer companies operating in Bulgaria in a broad range of consumer markets, including food and beverages, cosmetics, and tobacco products.

We are capable to effectively assist our clients in handling the problems associated with the increasing regulation. The lack of traditions in consumer protection in Bulgaria, combined with the desire of the Consumer Protection Commission to quickly catch up with the best practices, often results in imposing unjustified penalties. The appealing in such cases is subject to a proper balancing between many factors and we assist the managers in taking pragmatic and reasonable decisions in this regard.

Supply-chain, logistics, and retail distribution network arrangements in consumer industry require continuous advice and legal risk management based on wide multi-discipline legal knowledge and sector-specific experience. Prior to providing such advice, we always try to understand the core operational issues and to estimate the risks not only from a legal but also from a general business perspective.