The effective management and resolution of disputes is an essential part of our practice. At Yonev Valkov Nenov, we are especially proud with our achievements in major litigations across all industry sectors. We do not outsource litigation and arbitration, and our retainer clients rely on our personal involvement even in their less important cases.

The starting point of all our dispute resolution strategies is our understanding that not all disputes should lead to litigation and not all litigations should end by a Cassation Court’s decision. If appropriate, we are ready to negotiate a settlement or switch to an alternative dispute resolution technique, always ensuring that the client's interests are well protected.

We warn our clients that we wish to be involved in the litigation preparation since the early stage of the dispute. Timely identification and evaluation of issues, securing and preserving evidence, maintaining proper documentation, and utilizing effective claim management practices significantly increase the prospects of success in litigation. By providing our best estimate of these prospects, we help our clients make their decisions before investing considerable financial expenditure and management resources in a litigation which might be questionable or pointless.

Civil Litigation

We are experienced litigators in commercial disputes before all Bulgarian courts. We have considerable practice in litigating complex real estate and restitution cases, as well as in high profile industrial property and copyright litigations.

For the last twelve years we have been engaged in content-related disputes of the largest Bulgarian newspaper and magazine publishers; more recently, our media litigation practice was extended with TV broadcasting and advertising disputes.

Traditionally not a preferred area for most Bulgarian lawyers, employment disputes are essential for the companies on whose behalf we usually act. We know that in most cases it is not the financial impact that counts in employment litigations, but the clear statement and justification of principles. That is why we never underestimate these cases.

In 2008, the newly adopted Civil Procedure Code implemented the institute of the class action in Bulgaria. We had the chance to be involved in one of the first Bulgarian class action litigations, and although we do not have great practical experience yet, we are well prepared for the class action litigations which might be expected in the future.

Administrative Litigation

Our administrative litigation practice includes successful representation of clients in public procurement appeals before the Commission for Protection of Competition and the Supreme Administrative Court, as well as in taxation and other administrative disputes before the competent administrative jurisdictions and courts.

The statutory regulatory regimes in financial services, utilities, media, telecommunications, transport, and other sectors provoke intricate disputes with the regulatory bodies. Acting for our retainer clients, we have often been involved in such administrative litigations and we have achieved a high success rate. Our competition litigation experience includes successful representation in the most significant Bulgarian disputed individual exemption cases and merger control clearances.

In Bulgaria, the Administrative Courts have the competence to try disputes regarding the lawfulness of subdelegated legislation instruments. Though not many of the potential appeals against government ordinances and regulations pass the feasibility test before being brought to court, we consider this part of our litigation practice especially important.

International Arbitration

We are well aware of our international clients’ common desire to resolve their disputes outside national courts and we realize the worth of the international arbitration experience. We must admit, however, that our international arbitration practice is still in process of development. While we have handled a number of proceedings before the Arbitration Court with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we have never had a leading role in an international arbitration held abroad. Nevertheless, even without having appeared before the tribunal, we have had excellent occasions to learn from top arbitration experts acting as a local subcontractor in the preparation of several cases. We are devoted to further improving our skills in this legal area.

No less important than the arbitration itself is the enforcing of the arbitral awards. We have significant experience in enforcing, as well as in challenging arbitral awards on behalf of our clients. In a case of challenging an arbitral award, we obtained for our client one of the most widely cited decisions of the Supreme Court of Cassation applying the ordre public exception.