One of the main features of the Bulgarian employment law is its regular changing. We follow the legislative novelties and provide our clients with up-to-date advice, and when necessary, with prior legal alerts.

Our employment practice includes day-to-day advising of our clients’ HR departments on more or less standard legal problems, such as termination agreements, disciplinary procedures, employees’ incentives and loyalty schemes, conflict of interest policies, work accidents and occupational diseases, etc. Nevertheless, we always work to develop tailor-made solutions which best fit the specific business policies of every client.

The employment practice, however, is not only routine day-to-day HR administration. There are many occasions when the employment issues may escalate to a major problem, deal-breaker, or even serious management crisis.

During the economic turmoil in Bulgaria in the 1990s we gained significant experience in collective redundancies. While we hope that this experience would not be needed again by our clients, we are well prepared to handle the legal aspects of any urgent restructuring, including that of a company operating under bankruptcy protection.

Employment issues are always an important part of the mergers and acquisitions, and the Bulgarian business practices require even more precaution with this regard. An in-depth employment due diligence investigation is especially needed if the acquisition is accomplished through a complex asset deal. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide pragmatic advice on all HR issues which may arise during such transactions.