Our Intellectual Property practice covers all aspects of the protection, administration, and – most importantly – the enforcement of intellectual property rights.


The most voluminous part of the practice is related to the trademark administration: search and clearance services, filing, recording assignments and pledges, renewals, etc. Even such routine work at Yonev Valkov Nenov is either personally managed or thoroughly reviewed by qualified lawyers with expert knowledge of trade mark law.

Based on our fluency in the Bulgarian case law, we provide a rational estimation of the chances to obtain protection and of the risks to face problems with earlier right holders. We deliver extra value to our clients advising them on the best brand protection strategies and we often propose solutions that have not been considered by the marketing specialists. We have participated in critical company name and corporate identity changes, new strategic brand launches and, more recently, in expansions of Bulgarian companies in the EU-markets.

At this time, we outsource the patent filing to a "best friends" network of specialists from the respective technology sectors.

Transactional advice

The brand name, together with the market share, is often the most important asset in the acquisitions of Bulgarian businesses by foreign buyers. Assisting such buyers, we perform a comprehensive due diligence investigation and ensure the proper transfer of the key target’s trademarks. We have broad expertise in drafting and competition compliance assessment of licensing, distribution, and franchise agreements as well.


Our Intellectual Enforcement practice is especially versatile. We act for the right holders and in some occasions for the alleged infringers and represent them in all administrative and court proceedings before the Bulgarian Patent Office, the Public Prosecutor, the Commission on Protection of Competition, Customs Authorities, civil and administrative courts. We have particularly rich experience in implementing border control measures against counterfeit products or products imported by parallel importers. Our long track record of successfully seized and destroyed products includes, for example, a famous case of 12.5 tons of counterfeited instant coffee.

Working for the main players on the Bulgarian printed media and book-publishing markets, we are regularly involved in copyright infringement disputes. Our preferred dispute resolution method is the direct negotiation of out-of-court settlements; yet some of the disputes enter the court, where we keep a good rate of won cases.